this page includes graphic sexual images. If you are under 18 or do not wish to consume fetish art, please close this page.


call me lucca

he/him prns, fresh fetish sketches

cw: monsters, interspecies, furry, pregnancy (m & f) content, oviposition


  • comedy, silly sex, and non-sexual kink drawings

  • Humans and Non-humans such as Pokemon, monsters, furries, and aliens (preferred not super complex, very little experience with xeno)

  • interspecies relations

  • impregnation, pregnancy, birth, & related subjects excluding abortion/miscarriage for kink (hurt/comfort is OK); all genders (mpreg is ok)

  • trans bodies, non-trans bodies with different genitals, fantasy genitals/genders

  • men with breasts, women with penises, people who are not men or women

  • Breast and nipple play, including lactation (all genders), titfucking, stimulation & orgasm

  • bellies, belly bulges, cum inflation

  • unrealistically sized insertions (that still fit somehow)

  • thick bodies, plus size, weight gain, etc.

  • oral, solo, and non-penetrative sex such as frotting

  • consentacles

  • eager participation

  • cum play including pre-cum, cum filling, & fantasy cum

  • aphrodisiacs & consensual drug consumption

  • teasing, public arousal, sexual frustration


  • No Non-Consensual Acts: other artists draw plenty, so I would prefer not to!

  • Underage* - I am comfortable aging up characters that are not 18+, but would prefer to only depict sexual acts occuring with models that are 18+ or otherwise Adult Aged in their species.

  • Snuff

  • Heavy Gore* - I’m not good at it

  • defecation, emetophilia*- nausea as a result of pregnancy is ok, but would prefer not to depict sex acts with shit or vomit

  • Hyper: i’m not good at it

  • Incest: personal preference

  • Hateful/Politically Charged artwork: As i sometimes use my own art to depict my own political opinions, i would rather not be hired to depict anyone else’s.

  • Any copyrighted species or coloring/editing anyone else’s work/OCs without consent

Unsure? Just ask!
No judgements, just preferences.

All Prices are starting points. Content will add to the price.

  • Tier 1 - Colorless Sketch: Just lines, no shading/color. Starts at $23 for solos, $33 for duos+

  • Tier 2 - Monochrome Fill: sketched lines with 1-3 colors. $28 solos, $38 duos.

  • Tier 3 - Colored Sketch: sketched lines with flat colors, no shading. $33 solos, $43 duos.

  • Tier 4 - Monochrome Lineart: lineart with 1-3 colors. $38 Solos, $50 duos

  • Tier 5- Flat Colors: Lineart with full flat colors. $58 solos, $63 duos.

  • Tier 6- Fully Colored: Lineart with colors and shading. $65 Solos, $75 duos.

  • Extras: small accessories and toys are free. Extra characters (3+) are between $5-10 extra depending on complexity of commission/character. Eggs and other pregnancy fetish details are no additional cost.

  • Want SFW art? SFW commissions are not open at the moment, but contact me for links to my SFW (daylight) persona.

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Commissions are currently limited.
Submit a request with the information about your commission, and if I am able to accept it, I will respond with a quote of your adjusted price. If the price suits you, I'll send you an invoice via Paypal OR a request via your preferred service between Paypal, Venmo, or Cashapp.
I reserve the right to reject your commission request with no explanation, and to cancel & refund with no explanation.

Please view my Terms of Service before commissioning me.

To inquire for a commission, send your commission information to
pookalucca (@) gmail (. com).

Please include references for your characters and poses. Any information you can give me on what you want to see is useful-- even stick figure sketches.